• QCC (Quantum Cloud Code) is a new identification technology, protected by international patents.
  • QCC is printed in microdots which makes it highly secure against copying.
  • Each QCC identifier image is unique and presented by random structure.
  • The random structure cannot be analyzed, which protects it from counterfeit.
  • QCC has no positioning spots and no shape restrictions.
  • QCC is highly tolerant to against partial damage.
  • QCC is applicable to be printed or laser-graving onto many different materials.

                                                                                    enlarged image for reference only

  • Qccheck APP is free to download from the Apple APP store & Google Play.
  • Android version for China area is available here
  • A portable scan device is available to connect any smartphone for industrial applications.
  • A self-developed PAD can be customized according to your requirements.


Smartphone device

Bluetooth scan device

  • QCC Identifier
    1. Must be created from local computer designated by Cloud platform.
    2. Originate the digital-key from Cloud platform to decide what to present.
  • Supply Chain
    1. Exclude unauthorized members automatically through Cloud platform user management.
    2. Control the purchase quantity between suppliers and factories based on the Brand requirements.
  • Production
    1. Monitor an change in quantity to guard against abnormal overproduction.
    2. Monitor rejected product quantity to against unauthorized use.
  • Traceability
    1. Build your product footprint based on each and every scan.
    2. Filter the information based on your predefined conditions.
  • Anti-Counterfeit
    1. Decide the scan validity according to the definable conditions.
    2. Adjust the inspection standard according to materials & printing capability.
  • Marketing
    1. Use the traceability as an investigation tool for product issues.
    2. Use the smartphone as a convenient tool to check the counterfeit.
    3. Create direct promotion channel to your existed buyers.