Core Technology

QCC is the abbreviation from Quantum Cloud Code

  • QCC digital identifier is a new type of dot-matrix identifier using random algorithm encoding;
  • Random algorithm encoding creates random pattern strucutre and increases the identifier security to another level;
  • QCC digital identifier has no shape restriction;
  • Therefore, QCC digital identifier is mergeable into the original graphic design without visual change;
  • QCC digital identifier has no need to use positioning block;
  • Therefore, the damage tolerance is extremely higher than traditional insecurity identifier;
  • The readable size of QCC digital identifier is from 2x2mm up to unlimit;
  • Therefore, QCC digital identifier is extremely flexible for the requirements of different applications but maintains its high security feature;



  • one QCC digital identifier can bring different functions at different stages for different purposes;
  • flexible on the outlook design which can even turn the brand logo become readable identifier or create brand exclusive identifier; 

High Security

because QCC digital identifier is unable to be created illegally through analysis & program; 

because to graphic-copy every unique QCC digital identifier is impossible;

because to use same copied on all fakes is unworkable according to the unique feature of QCC digital identifier;

because QCC digital identifier can be printed invisibly without using insecurity UV ink;

Extendable Features



  • SUN TECH provides cloud platform for every brand to verity the qualification of suppliers & factories;
  • technical support is available if prefer to use in-house team or third party to develop the cloud platform;
  • Scan APK is avaiable for embeding into the brand original APP;



  • unlimited quantity of QCC digital identifiers are available;
  • control the status of each QCC digital identifier to monitor the quantity change during the production flow;
  • quantity change at each production node from label production to product production is traceable;


  • QC/QA can report quality issue online through smartphone APP;
  • collect information automatically included WHO inspected WHAT product WHEN and WHERE scanned;
  • inspection data is measurable to evaluate factory performance;


  • cloud platform can verify the legality of PO data and the qualification of suppliers & factories;
  • monitor quantity change from supplier to factory to ensure no leaking to counterfeit market included remaining materials or defect products;
  • integrate big data from suppliers & factories for the traceability caused by any potential issue in the future;


  • PO coming-source and production quantity change are traceable;
  • products - PO data - DC/stores - individual consumer are connectable;
  • scan-data by the consumers collected from market activities has the potential analysis value to predict the future consumer trend;