Core Technology

QCC means Quantum Cloud Code

  • QCC digital identifier is a new type of dot-matrix identifier using random algorithm encoding;
  • The technology of random algorithm encoding can create random pattern structure;
  • The random pattern structure can increase the security of printed identifier to another level;
  • QCC digital identifier has no shape restriction;
  • Therefore, QCC digital identifier is mergeable into the original graphic design without visual change;
  • QCC digital identifier is using no positioning block;
  • Therefore, the damage tolerance is extremely higher than traditional insecure identifier;
  • The readable size of QCC digital identifier is from 3x3mm up to unlimited;
  • Therefore, QCC digital identifier is extremely flexible for the requirements of different applications but not losing its highly secure feature;



  • QCC digital identifier can be read by Smartphone APP easily and conveniently;
  • QCC digital identifier is controlled by cloud system which can bring different functions for different purposes at different stages;
  • Smartphone APP "Qccheck" provided by SUN TECH QCC is free to download;
  • The scan function is also embeddable into existed APP of the brand;
  • Cloud system is adjustable and customizable for every brand; 
  • Cloud system is also developable by the brand or third party through technical support from SUN TECH QCC;

High Security

valueless because QCC digital identifier is unable to be analyzed and reprogrammed;

valueless because no way to copy every unique QCC digital identifier graphically;

valueless because to use one copied identifier on all fakes is detectable by cloud system;

valueless because QCC digital identifier can be printed invisibly without using insecure UV ink;

Extendable Features



  • customized cloud platform is available to verify the qualification of suppliers & factories;
  • technical support is available if prefer to develop the cloud system internally or through the third party;
  • scan-function API is embeddable if the brand would like to use existed brand APP;



  • every single item is guaranteed to have an unique QCC digital identifier individually; 
  • the effectiveness of the QCC digital identifier is definable & controllable;
  • quantity change of each production node from label production to product production is traceable;


  • QC/QA can report the quality issue online through the smartphone APP;
  • collect information automatically included Who did the inspection / What product was inspected / When and Where was scanned;
  • the inspection data in the cloud system can be converted to measurable data to evaluate the factory performance;


  • the brand has no need to involve the management of ordering data from the factories & suppliers;
  • the only change to the factories is to upload order file instead of attaching into email;
  • the suppliers have no risk to produce illegal orders for unqualified factories;


  • the order data is verifiable automatically between the brand, the factory and the supplier; 
  • quantity change at different production node is monitorable and traceable which can stop the defect/sample goods leaking to the counterfeit market becoming A grade fakes;
  • build up the traceable product footprint automatically for the potential consumer issue; 


High Damage Tolerance Identification

  • No positioning is required
  • Minimum required scan-area could be down to 3x3mm according to the embedment conditions

High Secure Identification

  • Random pattern structure is unable to be analyzed
  • Print the invisible identifier through traditional printing technology without using insecure UV ink

  • Micro dot matrix is too small to be copied for reprinting in the same size
  • Digital mechanism is able to fully control every single identifier; for example: designate the computer creating the identifiers; define identifier effectiveness according to user, timing, location etc

Production Quantity Traceability

  • Outsourcing Management (material suppliers & OEM factories)
  • Trace non Sales items

Sales Channel Traceability (prevent unauthorized distribution)

  • Online Shipment Confirmation
  • Brand Internal Digital Audit Mechanism

RFID Extendable Solution

  • Multiple Extractions