step by step deployment for better optimization

  • Identification & traceability are the foundations to optimizing Brand Protection.
  • Deploying QCC identifiers on all products  in advance is your first priority at all.
  • As products are identified separately, you receive precise information to assist your management.
  • The separate identification enables you to create different functions for different purposes at different stages.
  • Tracing products enables you to quickly and precisely filter products affected by quality issues.
  • Tracing products brings reference information to you quickly when facing other product issues.
  • Supply Chain management can prevent the unauthorized trading and  exclude unqualified suppliers or factories.
  • Production monitoring can prevent unreasonable overproduction and illegal use of the defective products.

  • Protectable Anti-Counterfeit

The identification validity can be decided by the additional predefined conditions even though the identifier is identifiable

  • Protectable Quality Reliability

The supply chain can be controlled and monitored automatically to prevent abnormal overproduction and illegal use of defective products

  • Protectable Crisis Management

Eliminate uncertainty and confusion caused by product issues in the market through rapid traceability and establishing reliable data.

  • QCC identifiers are used not only for protection but also for development of sustainable market value.
  • QCC identifier on the product is the potential tool enabling you to interact with your consumers in market activities.
  • QCC identifier is high secure and flexible on the application of identifier deployment and can even be merged into the brand logo.
  • QCC identifier is flexible according to your actual needs and requirements.